In this year’s edition of the Swedish Toy of the Year competition, named by the Swedish toy industry association, Amo Toys was represented with two toys in the late stages of the competition. One went all the way and was awarded the prize of being the best toys in the market within its category.

In the battle of winning the main prize in the competition, the Got2Glow Fairy Finder distributed by Amo Toys was nominated alongside only two other toys competing to win Swedish Toy of the Year.

In the Arts & Crafts category in the competition, Paint Pops from Amo Toys went all the way.

Paint Pops – Arts & Craft Swedish toy of the year 2021

Paint Pops is a new way to paint. A small amount of paint in a squishy ball that can be popped with your fingers or a tool. Paint Pops comes with a number of different tools making it easy to control the paint.

Paint Pops is easy to clean making it possible for kids to create a creative mess.