The 2021 winners in 9 categories among games and toys have been found as the Danish toy industry association LEG announced Danish toy of the year for the first time. Amo Toys won in 3 of the categories.

Around 100 Danish families were judges as 92 products had signed up for the Danish Toy of the Year and Game of the Year competitions.

The judging families – the true experts – have tested and played with the 92 games and toys and evaluated them based on criteria such as entertainment value, involvement, originality, duration, lifetime, quality, value for money, age limits and rules & guides.

The Danish toy industry association LEG has earlier awarded prizes in the game category but this is the first time for the toys category.

Amo Toys won 2 of the 3 game awards and 1 of the new toy awards.

The winners from Amo Toys in the GAME and TOY OF THE YEAR 2021 are:

My Squishy Little Dumplings

Squeeze their cheeks to pop out their unique personalities! Over 50 reactions; dress them up, tickle them, shake them, and toss them. They light up as you play and make the cutest sounds!
Each Squishy Little Dumpling has its own personality and sounds and comes with 2 unique accessories!

From 5 years.

Foto Fish

Foto Fish is a charming children’s board game where you look for the best underwater photographer that can take pictures of fish underwater and fill the aquarium.

You roll the dice which decides which fish to look for on your game board using the camera frame. The one who finds the right picture the fastest, can add a big piece to his/her fish. The other players who have found the right picture, can add a small piece. The player who assembles the longest fish wins the game as soon as the fish is longer than the aquarium.

The game has different levels of difficulty that can be chosen by each player in the same game.

From 4 years, 2-4 players. Playtime approx. 20 minutes

A card game for 2 to 6 players. The objective is to collect enough healthy organs to create a human body while trying to stop your opponents form doing the same by stealing their organs or infecting them. You win when having placed 4 different healthy organs on the table in front of you. Use your best game tactics to win and to stop you opponents. From 8 years