L.O.L. Surprise has become a strong brand worldwide in recent years and has received a number of awards around the world.

Now yet another award can be added to the growing list of awards as the newly introduced line of O.M.G. dolls received a prestigious Nordic award.

O.M.G. (Outrageous Millenial Girls) is a line of fashion dolls from the popular brand L.O.L. Surprise. All O.M.G. dolls come with accesories to be unboxed and the O.M.G Lights fashion dolls come with a small UV light that reveals secret details on the doll.

The Swedish toy industry association Lek & Baby has named the O.M.G. line of fashion dolls Toy of the Year 2020 for school children. The prize is awarded to the best toy of the year in Sweden for children aged 6-10 by a jury of people from different areas of the toy industry.

Besides validating the expected safety of the product, the award accredits characteristics such as value for money and high play value.